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High Quality Wigs in Escondido CA


Cathy has been doing hair for over 30 years, so rest assure that you will love the way you look and feel when you leave her salon. She loves helping people and has gone above and beyond to make every person feel comfortable about getting a wig or hair piece. She is completely respectful of ANY situation and treats EVERY client on a personable level, no matter what your situation or condition. She will make you look amazing and give your confidence back to you, allowing you to smile and be happy about yourself. Come in today and see her or call and make an appointment.

Owner and Operator of HQ Wigs

If you have been in HQ Wigs, then you know who Dazzle is. Dazzle is the official mascot of HQ Wigs, and is Cathy's furry companion. Dazzle has received so much love from Cathy's clients. Some clients have even felt more comfortable with Dazzle around because of how sweet and gentle she is with everyone. When you come in to HQ Wigs, be sure to say hi to Dazzle!

HQ Wigs Mascot

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Fit it.

When you come in to HQ Wigs, you get to have your own personal consultation with Cathy. She will sit down with you and go over all your options. Once you choose the wig of your choice, you will be fitted into the right size for you.

Cut It.

After you have chosen your wig and had it fitted, it will on to cutting it. This is not always needed, but Cathy is there and willing to cut it to your liking.

Style it.

This is the fun part! This is where you get your new hair styled! Cathy will work wonders in transforming you, leaving you with a new boost of confidence, an amazing new look, and leaving with nothing less of a huge smile on your face! She will also give you the BEST tips on how to maintain, store, and style your wig at home. She really goes all out to make you feeling your best when you leave. 

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