Cathy Ketchum Owner of HQ Wigs

Meet the Owner: Cathy Ketchum

Cathy Ketchum is the brilliant mastermind behind HQ Wigs. She has been through many trials bringing this business to where it is today. She is a proud mother and grandmother. Her sons are also entreprenuers, using their skills to create their own businesses. 

Cathy Ketchum has been professionally working with hair for over 30 years and with that kind of experience, it's no wonder she has her own business. Her first store opened up back in early 2000. She has had this vision to help chemo patients with their hair loss problem due to the chemo process. Many do not know how discouraging it is to have no hair (especially for a woman) and having to fight through cancer is hard enough. Cathy's vision was soon put into place when she opened the doors to her first location off Rancho Santa Fe Rd. in San Marcos, Ca. Her business got so busy and grew so much, that she had to look for a bigger location. All while there were disagreements with the landlord about issues with the property. Low and behold, an opportunity for her opened up and she found a new place to relocate her growing business on the otherside of town.

Cathy Ketchum
Owner of HQ Wigs

She was able to open her new store off N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd., next to the 7-11 and Papa John's. Her following became bigger and she was able to put in a full salon section attached to her wig section. This location served her well and she was able to meet many more clients, friends, and socialites.

When another opportunity opened up to split the company with a trusted partner, she took it and decided to open up a smaller location off Grand Ave (formerly the location of Elite Wigs). This is where HQ Wigs Too was born. Well, the partnership went south at the last minute and with everything already settled with the smaller location, there was no turning back. Cathy Ketchum picked up the pieces and carried on with the smaller location.

Since she has opened her doors at the Grand Ave store, there has been 2 robberies (both happened at night when the store was closed). These unfortunate events have made it harder for Cathy to push on, BUT she is a force to be reckoned with! Today, she is still there and her doors are still open! She is determined to keep her dream and vision alive. Her dedication to helping people is astounding and she definitely has the support of her clients, and the city as well. If you do get a chance to come in to the store be sure to say hi, give her a hug, shake her hand, or give her a high five. She's very friendly, caring, and loves meeting new people.

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