Dazzle "The HQ Wigs Mascot"

This is Dazzle, Cathy's right-hand companion at HQ Wigs. Many customers have asked Cathy the same question, "Is that a real dog, or is it a statue?" The answer to that question is 'Yes, this is a real dog and not a statue'.

Dazzle was given to Cathy by one of her clients when she was only 3 months old. Today, Dazzle is a healthy loving one year old! She has gone to work with Cathy every day since day one! Dazzle is known as the official HQ Wigs companion.

Dazzle's Ready to Go
Dazzle in Her New Bed
Dazzle Loves the New Bed
Dazzle is Very Festive
Very Festive
Dazzle is Sitting in Comfort
Soft and Comfy at HQ Wigs
So Are We Going for a Walk?
Dazzle Shows Her Support for Cancer
Well Hello There
Let's Get Cookin'
Say Hello to My Little Friend
This Dog is Not a Statue
You're Doing a Great Job Mom
Okay, This is Kinda Cool

Dazzle has been known to capture everyone's attention (both in and out of the store). With a loveable personality, it's pretty safe to say that she is a definite keeper. She helps comfort all of Cathy's chemo clients simply by being fun and friendly. It's almost impossible to not smile when you see Dazzle in person.

She is the kindest and most loving dog that Cathy has ever seen, which many of her clients may agree with.

Cathy truly believes and quotes, "She is a gift from God." By the looks of the pictures, HQ Wigs clients, and friends and family, Dazzle is truly fond of her loving owner as well.

Which brings us back to the question above, "Who saved who? Was it Cathy, who was going through some difficult times and had this amazing loveable companion? Or was it Dazzle, who was in need of a nurturing mother?

There's no dispute, they were destined to meet and serve each other as the most loyal of companions. Come into HQ Wigs and meet Dazzle, if you haven't already.

Who Saved Who?


Dazzle "The Mascot" Ketchum

Head of Security/Shop Companion

Meet  Dazzle

Dynamic Duo brings laughter and compassion to clients at HQ Wigs
If you have nothing to smile about...you will when you meet these two characters.